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ANC - 100 years
A century of fighting for freedom

The ANC celebrates 100 years of existence. This special feature covers the celebrations and delves into the past of the organisation which brought democracy to South Africa and ponders what lies ahead.

12 Dec ’11
Personalities We love the ANC so much we are prepared to die for it’

THE fateful events of the June 16 1976 uprising not only highlighted the atrocities of the apartheid regime to the world, but also awakened a Port Elizabeth schoolboy’s political consciousness and led him to join the armed struggle that would change his life.

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11 Dec ’11
Personalities City doctor played vital early role

ONE of the first ANC leaders from the Eastern Cape, James Njongwe, played a leading role in the defiance of apartheid in the 1950s and firmly placed the province at the forefront of the liberation struggle.

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07 Dec ’11
Personalities PE Medic put his life on the line

THE brutality of apartheid often resulted in thousands of black casualties who needed serious medical attention, which was at times hard to come by as doctors feared helping victims of state-sponsored violence.

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