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I am sorry – Health MEC

17 January 2013
Estelle Ellis

HEALTH MEC Sicelo Gqobana has apologised for the appalling way in which medical specialists and doctors at the Port Elizabeth Hospital Complex have been treated.

He has also slated the Eastern Cape Health Department’s non-performance and slammed a controversial memo which prompted the departure of senior doctors.

Gqobana has further vowed to keep Dora Nginza’s burns unit, the only one in the province, open at all costs and promised no accident and emergency unit in the Bay will ever be closed again due to staff shortages.

This comes after the casualty department at Dora Nginza Hospital was closed three times in the last two months due to lack of staff.


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Reader’s Comments

Report Abuse Author: dokhotelo Date: 17 January 2013 22:26

…..A politician’s “apology” is tantamount to politician’s promise and tantamount to crocodile tears……If he did not know the situation, it is because his deputies did not bother to inform him, and so on down the scale…It is not a secret (for the alert and awakened villagers, that is) the catastrophic situation of the health system in this region. It is not a secret that the bloated ANC cadres/minions/union mafiosi bureaucracy gobbles with their salaries and perks most of the budget allocated to other essential services, already corrupted and fraudulent at every level. The ANC MEC could be flagellating himself publicly, but not him, not now, not EVER, will there be a political will to get rid of all the inefficient cadres parasitizing the public institutions…Not while the ANC is still in power at least…………

Report Abuse Author: royboy Date: 17 January 2013 14:35

Well at least the health mec had the guts to apologise but where does the buck ultimately stop…if it stops at all!

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