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‘MEC not informed of crisis’

01 March 2013
Estelle Ellis

SENIOR managers at the Port Elizabeth Hospital Complex have expressed concern that Health MEC Sicelo Gqobana was not fully informed of the crippling staff crisis in the three hospitals that make up the complex – Dora Nginza, Livingstone and Provincial.

The shortages have left some of the hospitals’ units battling to function and stay open.

Dr Aydin Vehbi, said despite the intervention of Gqobana earlier this year, district managers were still refusing to release 15 community service doctors on a rotational basis.

He was speaking at Gqobana’s strategic breakfast and engagement session

“Our problems are far from being solved,” Vehbi said. “We have departments with no doctors at all.

“Some departments only have interns and we cannot allow them to work alone.”

He added that a specialist surgeon had still not been appointed for Dora Nginza’s strategic burns unit, the only one in the province.

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Reader’s Comments

Report Abuse Author: thirsty Date: 02 March 2013 7:38

Hey dok you should becom a reporter for the Herald. Don’t you think the MEC should actualy be fired, I mean s**t we have all known for a long time now there is a drol in the dinking water and it is the MEC’s job to make sure that his department and all its functions are running smoothly. It is not his job to run the department but to make sure that his heads of units everywhere are doing their work and that they have what they need to do it. Somewhere someone is acting like that thing in the drinking water.

Report Abuse Author: dokhotelo Date: 01 March 2013 17:28

Congratulations!!…In the most typical “Vuvuzerald” fashion, the villagers were briefly awakened with the good news that the Health system will return to its glorious days in a matter of…um..days?…months????…and just as their lucidity was hypnotized again, very few of them could ask themselves, how come this MEC was blindfolded without him realizing the chaos reigning supreme…..and he will be able to produce the miracle of getting dozens of doctors, nurses and efficient administrative people out of the trees, without being interfered by NEHAWU mafia, ANC orders and other appointees…He even will be able to discover and fire and penalize those pesky “cloned civil servants”, “ghost civil servants” and “zombie civil servants” with worldly vices and tastes and blind loyalty to the ANC………….Sleep well!!!!…….

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