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Readers’ views via SMS
06 January 2012


T’KEI boy missing: we live in an evil world and cannot leave children alone. Let us hope and pray he is still alive, though I doubt it.



LEAVING the country does not guarantee freedom from crime. When my Australian relatives were out on a visit their home in Victoria was burgled.


MUIS van der Westhuizen hit the nail on the head. Stand up, work hard and achieve.


YIP, Big Al, correct! If we got all the money for development that they have got, I would have still been at the crease!


MUST libraries stay open for a handful of readers? Give us a break please!


I SUPPORT the return of the Cape Town-Port Elizabeth train route. Transnet must please consider this.



GAUTENG Premier Nomvula Mokonyane, I dig you the most for your stand on the mini-skirt saga and animal-like behaviour.



A TODDLER drowns, the paramedics do not arrive. She might have been saved. Shame on you for not doing your job, negligence!



THE Eastern Cape Education Department is disgraceful. It has the lowest matric pass rate for 2011. How much longer can we allow this to happen?


THE Eastern Cape matric pass rate is like the soft shoe shuffle: one step forward, two steps back.



TO all those who left their trash in Jeffreys Bays streets and left after their New Year’s Day’s visit, do not come back in 2013.


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vim [09 January 2012 15:23]
I agree with Keith, Letters to the Editor 09Jan re near drowning. I am not a medic and fortunately have not had to resuscitate a small child, but have always considered my first response would be to hold the child up by the feet (maximise blood flow to the brain) and massage the chest to drain water from the lungs before attempting CPR within 4 minutes.
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Respite from sun needed

I RECENTLY visited the new coffee shop on the Donkin. It serves good food and is reasonably priced.

Readers’ views via SMS

Hit errant drivers where it hurts

WE have, over the past two Christmases, been meaning to write to The Herald, to express our concerns over the mayhem and misery caused by the unnecessary deaths on the roads during the festive season.

Education in poor state

IT is with sadness that one reads and witnesses on television the dismal performance of the Eastern Cape pupils as a direct result of the total inefficiency and lack of concern the education department has towards this necessary faculty.

Blue Crane area matrics benefit from academic aid

THE anxiety, stress and uncertainty of waiting for the matric results ended in excitement that has not been seen for a while in our area, the Blue Crane Municipality. We have been observing the trend in the previous years and yes, this year more pupils were happy than sad!

A ruse to give Kallis more time at crease?

I HAVE finally sussed out why the South African cricket selectors persist with the inclusion of Graeme Smith.

In whose eyes was work on CBD successful?

REGARDING the article, “Best year yet for Bay renewal” and the Hero of the Day (January 10), I am sorry to put a damper on the article – but after reading it I wondered if I were living in the same town as far as the CBD is concerned.

No maintenance mars Donkin art

YES, the MBDA has done a lot for urban renewal (“Best year yet for Bay renewal”, January 10), and kudos to Pierre Voges and his team. But could we just scrutinise one project in particular – the Donkin Reserve?

Don’t parade your sexuality for all to see

I READ with amusement the report about the scantily-clad women who were “handled” (in Johannesburg) (“Woman in miniskirt groped, harassed”, January 3). Apparently there were other incidents where such women were abused.

Tsotsobe inspires young Bay players

SEEING Lonwabo Tsotsobe gracing the back page of The Herald of January 10, I was flooded by memories when as young township boys we were fed heroes who did not even know we existed.

On call police need to get to a crime scene quickly

I WISH to respond to the letter, “Use police vehicles to serve the public” (January 11).

Meter reader jumped over wall, may have hit dog

ON the morning of Tuesday December 13 my son and I were leaving the house to run a couple of errands.

Readers’ views via SMS

Varsity couldn’t know crowd would stampede

WHY is it that the University of Johannesburg is getting the blame for the poor woman dying (“Blade acts after stampede”, January 11)? How could it foresee that the matriculants who did not have the foresight to apply earlier would turn into a horde of barbarians and storm the campus?

‘Struggle’ for better life for nation

When the party is over and everyone eventually goes back to doing what they get paid to do, let us all think about a new “struggle”, a struggle which would benefit all in South Africa, not just the self-enriched few.

SARS targets pensioners with threat of penalties

I SPENT four hours sitting in the SARS Port Elizabeth branch in Chapel Street, with a tax query. To say the vehicle licence department in PE is bad, I am afraid SARS beats it hands down with its poor system of queue numbering and allocation of resources.

Our bins not returned

I FORMALLY lay a complaint with regard to the collection of refuse from the Booysen Park area. Residents have noticed the refuge collectors take our bins to a central place where the truck is and then leave our bins there for anyone to be able to steal, instead of taking them back to the homes where they belong.

No initiative taken to promote sport

MUIS van der Westhuizen’s letter in The Herald of January 4 could not be more on the button (“Afrikaans players did well with poor facilities”). He is absolutely correct in every word he writes; my thoughts exactly.

Call to help feed needy pets

AFTER seeing the Animal Anti-Cruelty League appeal for pet food in The Herald of December 29 (“Food needed for neglected pets”), Russell Booth, of Pick n Pay, Walmer Park, has taken up the cause and has kindly donated 50 x 8kg bags of dog food.

Use police vehicles to serve the public

MY heart goes out to the hard-working men and women in blue, they who vow to serve and protect.

Lions should be in the wild, not held in enclosures

THE Herald front page of December 28 and also an insert about the lion cubs at Seaview Lion and Game Park (“It’s not only about lions at Seaview”) caught my eye. I even phoned the park to confirm what I had read concerning the removal of all cubs from their mothers at birth.

School year starts with challenges

FIRST and foremost, let us wish problem-free administration during the opening of schools. Congratulations to those who, in spite of serious challenges, managed to do well in the matric exams.

Things not going swimmingly in ANC

THE words of Gift Siphiwo Ngqondi, who just happens to be head of the research unit in the office of the chief whip in the local laughable municipality, in the In My View column of December 28 tell us we have here an educated man – educated in the ways of the ANC, anyway (“ANC must fight factionalism”).

Readers’ views via SMS

Solar heating the answer to problem

I AM rather tired of seeing the Eskom “switch off pool pumps, electrical appliances, etc” message on the TV when hundreds of building plans are being passed daily without solar heating – why?

Arrest and charge the thieving civil servants

EASTERN Cape premier Noxolo Kiviet said “a policy to break the link between public office and government business would soon be in place” after the auditor-general revealed 74% of all government work goes to the families of employees and, in many cases, directly to the employees themselves (“Bhisho contracts shock”, December 9).

ANC won freedom for all

WHAT a celebration the ANC’s 100th anniversary was. As a white South African, I am claiming this as a great milestone, part of my history and heritage, my South Africa.

Madonsela renews public confidence

CURRENT public protector Thuli Madonsela must be congratulated and given credit for bringing back some confidence and credibility to the office.

Well done on outstanding results

CONGRATULATIONS is due to Booysen Park Senior Secondary School principal Elroy Bosman, the teachers, matriculants and parents for their awesome achievement of a 85% matric pass rate for 2011 (“Bay’s matric miracle”, January 6).

Movement fittingly begun in a church

HAPPY birthday to a monolith that is the ANC, formerly the African Native Congress, that came into being fittingly in a church in Bloemfontein 100 years ago.

Dedicated lives to liberate nation

I WISH the ANC all the best for its centenary. I salute all the ANC presidents from 1912 for their roles in the revolution against apartheid and for dedicating their lives to liberate the people of South Africa.

A bouquet for metro cleaning workers

THE municipal parks and cleansing departments are to be congratulated and deserve our thanks for the speedy and efficient way in which they have cleaned up the mess left by the littering masses over the holidays.

Because of ANC, we have many freedoms in life

THE ANC turned 100 years old on Sunday. A lot of my friends ask why they must celebrate the 100 years of the ANC.

Readers’ views via SMS

Congratulations to Booysen Park School

I WISH to congratulate principal Elroy Bosman and the staff members of Booysen Park Senior Secondary for the turning the school performance around and achieving such excellent matric results in 2011 (“Bay’s matric miracle”, January 6).

Officer drove dangerously to get to ATM

ON Wednesday at 6.30pm approaching Fort Beaufort on the R67 from Queenstown, I was overtaken by a SAPS Balfour vehicle that crossed a double solid line and was speeding (I was doing 60km/h) just to overtake me.

Readers’ views via SMS

ELROY Bosman and Booysen Park matrics, how proud you must be – true heroes. My wish is that you achieve your 1OO% pass rate by 2O13. Well done.

Staff immediately offered assistance after fall at ice rink

AS one of the owners of Ice World – the company operating the temporary rink at the Boardwalk – I would like to respond to the letter from Warren Cecil, regarding his wife’s ankle injury (“No first aid help at ice rink”, January 5).

Saru needs to alter selection methods

SARU needs to change its way of selecting players and coaches, because they are using the completely wrong formula. Saru is in charge of picking the Springbok coach and captain, and it is selecting the wrong coach and captain at the moment.

Faced with near drowning, expelled water from lungs

I WAS involved in saving the life of a young girl, aged about 18 to 24 months, who had nearly drowned in her parents’ pool in KwaZulu-Natal in 1996. I was their neighbour and happened to walk outside my home when I heard a commotion next door.

Jobs scarce with no maths, science

THE Eastern Cape’s matric results have the potential of condemning the province to a future of continued economic stagnation and decline.

Your Views

VernE 13 January 2012 6:36 pm

And that’s just the consultation fees alone! So what do we have to show for all that’s been pumped into this project? Might as well have used those notes for landfill….

dokhotelo 13 January 2012 2:33 pm

…..Where is the local ANCYL branch?….Is there any money to be made out of whatever for them???…………

The Struggle 13 January 2012 2:06 pm

Where is the ANCYL Nelson Mandela Region? The youth needs to be empowered and your silence is deafening….

alcan 13 January 2012 4:42 am

Well said Wayward! The whole setup is a disaster,and now in Summer when energy consumption should be at it`s lowest the circus wants savings,what`s Winter going to be like! Any way who are the biggest…

Wayward 12 January 2012 11:13 pm

What Eskom needs is a 50% increase in maintenance, productivity and common sense. And a 50% decrease in the fat cats’ salaries. And a good smack round the ears….

alcan 11 January 2012 3:56 am

Well done Noel Sefier! Give that man a ‘Bells’!…

vim 9 January 2012 3:23 pm

I agree with Keith, Letters to the Editor 09Jan re near drowning. I am not a medic and fortunately have not had to resuscitate a small child, but have always considered my first response would be to …

Karen 9 January 2012 11:10 am

Well done to Science Mann …

Sagebrush 8 January 2012 4:47 pm

Well done. Now I hope you all get jobs in 2012….

Science Mann 7 January 2012 7:49 am

I agree with Muis. The best batsmen in the world often had nothing. Bradman practiced by himself using a stump and a golf ball, Brian Lara played for hours in his mum’s driveway, Viv Richards played o…